What reviewers are saying about the debut album Rotation:

I Don’t Hear a Single – The Airport 77s are unashamedly New Wave Power Pop, sounding equally British and American, but without ever seeming to be a tribute band. The trio know and love the genre, as many of us do, but these are original songs lovingly made and beautifully played.

Powerpopaholic – “The band really delivers lyrically and musically. Highly recommended.”

Faster and Louder – “You know I never like to go too far into a year without identifying an early album of the year contender. So I’ll slide Rotation into my #1 spot and make it the one to beat.”

New York Music Daily – “very funny, very catchy, perfectly retro late 70s style powerpop songs… Killer party record all the way through.”

Poprock Record – “There’s just not a bum track on this record so close your eyes and it’ll be 1979 all over again. But just the good stuff.”

Richard Rossi at Power Pop News – “Immediately I knew I was in the right place.”

Under the Tangerine Tree (Italian) – “[I]n equal measure melodic and aggressive, it reveals the favorite son among those who inhabit the pantheon, whose features cannot but be those of Paul Collins.”

The band discussed a handful of music topics in this Sweet Sweet Music Q & A

Mark Segraves at NBC4 Washington put together a nice segment about the band for the 6 o’clock news