What reviewers are saying about the new album We Realize You Have A Choice:

Powerpopaholic – “The band really delivers lyrically and musically. … Not a note of filler here and it makes my top ten list for best power pop album of 2022. Highly recommended, so don’t miss it.” 9/10

Power Pop News – “The songs are catchy and the lyrics smart. Outstanding performances by guitarist Andy Sullivan, bassist Chuck Dolan and drummer John Kelly make these compositions sparkle even more than they might otherwise. And make no mistake about it, the songwriting is outstanding. …. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Faster and Louder – “This release has it all: should-be radio hits, arena-sized rockers, and even some stellar deep cuts … If you’d like to hear some great pop-rock made by stellar musicians and singers, you’ll want to book your reservation in short order. Every seat on this flight is first class.”

CultureSonar – “We Realize You Have A Choice is filled with infectious tunes that will definitely get stuck in your head and have you spinning the disc over and over. … Some folks say there’s no good old fashioned rock and roll music being produced out there these days. The Airport 77s are absolute proof that just isn’t true.”

Disciples of Sound – “The songs are bright, crunchy, and firm with a sequencing that just doesn’t let up.”

I Don’t Hear a Single – “On We Realize You Have A Choice, the trio stretch out, underlining that at heart they are a fine trio. These boys can play. … The Airport 77s show hidden depths on their second album.”

Rock Is the New Roll – “This banger of a record might force you to change the needle on your turntable you will be playing it so much. And, yes, there is cowbell.”

Voix De Garage Grenoble – “UN CLASSIQUE !!!”

Americana Highways – “Their set was tight, energetic and fun from beginning to end, and it showcased the best in songcraft the DC area has to offer since Tommy Keene was showing the kids how to do it in the early 1980s.”

All Around Records – “If you want a great album that rocks very well and is fun in every way, this is for you.”

Jersey Beat – “The result is something that has the power and appeal of power pop with a rocking dance beat and an ethereal atmosphere.”

What reviewers said about the debut album Rotation:

I Don’t Hear a Single – The Airport 77s are unashamedly New Wave Power Pop, sounding equally British and American, but without ever seeming to be a tribute band. The trio know and love the genre, as many of us do, but these are original songs lovingly made and beautifully played.

Powerpopaholic – “The band really delivers lyrically and musically. Highly recommended.”

Faster and Louder – “You know I never like to go too far into a year without identifying an early album of the year contender. So I’ll slide Rotation into my #1 spot and make it the one to beat.”

New York Music Daily – “very funny, very catchy, perfectly retro late 70s style powerpop songs… Killer party record all the way through.”

Poprock Record – “There’s just not a bum track on this record so close your eyes and it’ll be 1979 all over again. But just the good stuff.”

Richard Rossi at Power Pop News – “Immediately I knew I was in the right place.”

Under the Tangerine Tree (Italian) – “[I]n equal measure melodic and aggressive, it reveals the favorite son among those who inhabit the pantheon, whose features cannot but be those of Paul Collins.”

The band discussed a handful of music topics in this Sweet Sweet Music Q & A

Mark Segraves at NBC4 Washington put together a nice segment about the band for the 6 o’clock news